Welcome to kabupaten.org.

We want to help you achieve your goals in developing your target Indonesian region to reach its potential in the modern Indonesian state and to become the best it could be for the benefit of all the people in that region. Our objective is to facilitate communities of interest that will inspire, encourage and support you in achieving your goals to develop your target region.

This website aims to do this by:

  • providing relevant practical information and information about other similar projects elsewhere in Indonesia and globally that will help you better implement your project
  • providing a forum whereby you can share information and ideas with other individuals and groups with similar interests
  • providing a conduit by which you can secure assistance for your project, or conversely, enable you to identify projects where you can make a valuable contribution

Initially, we are thinking of the following features:

  • Facts, figures, indicators and analyses to help inform your project/activity
  • News feeds of relevant Indonesian regional development topics
  • Ability to contribute articles and blogs and to enter into discussions on an article
  • Ability to upload documents and reports and to enter into discussions on a report
  • Ability to set up forums for projects and activities, where interested parties can discuss and contribute to a project
  • Ability for individuals and groups to register their interest to be involved in projects/activities